Frequently asked questions about our referral program

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Where Can Prosper's Widget Be Used?

Our widget can be added to any webpage including, but not limited to, landing pages, product pages, and checkout pages. In addition to webpages our widget can also be added to PoS systems for an in-store referral program, and will be made available via QR codes in the future.

How Does Prosper Perform Compared to Other Platforms?

In contrast to competitor products, Prosper’s widget allows consumers to adopt referrals as a natural part of their shopping journey. Account-less sharing in under 20 seconds with no sign ups or app downloads, instantly served unique rewards, combined with our anti-fraud and ultimate customization capabilities make for referrals that have higher sharing rates, higher conversion rates, and placed in higher traffic areas of your store than our competitors.

How do I add Prosper to my website?

To get started using Prosper you can click the "Sign Up" button on our website, to hook your Shopify store up with Prosper today, or book a meeting with one of our team members. Our team will work to understand how you want to use Prosper, and will work with you to integrate it.

What Incentives Can Be Used in a Referral Campaign?

For our Shopify users, Prosper allows you to use any type of discount that is possible to create through Shopify. For other platforms, any type of discount can be used when paired with a static code. If there is another type of incentive you would like to add please get in touch and we will let you know if we can accommodate it.

How Long Does It Take To Integrate Prosper Into a Website?

It takes ~30 mins to add our widget to an existing website and get started with your referral program.

How Much Does Prosper Cost? What Am I Paying For?

Prosper charges $25 per month for access to our platform, and $0.75 per referral sent after that. By having usage-based pricing we make sure that our cost scales with our user's success and that you don't pay for more than you need. You can get a better estimate of your costs using our referral calculator.

Can Prosper Be Used for In Store Marketing?

We are developing our PoS integration which will allow anyone to start making word-of-mouth promotions from any point of sale, including in physical locations. To stay up to date on new product releases please join our newsletter.

Can I Change the Look of Prosper's Widget?

Yes, anyone with a paid plan can edit the colors, size, shape, fonts, incentives and product language used in the widget.

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