Frequently asked questions

Where Can Prosper's Widget Be Used?

Our widget can be added to any webpage including, but not limited to, landing pages, product pages, and checkout pages. In addition to webpages our widget can also be added to PoS systems for in store campaigns, and will be made available via QR codes in the future.

How Does Prosper Perform Compared to Other Platforms?

Compared to traditional ad platforms Prosper can provide 10x better ROI on ad spend, 30% higher conversions, and 17% higher customer LTV. This is all based on industry averages and does not guarantee future results for each user.

How do I add Prosper to my website?

To get started using Prosper you can click the "get started" button on our home page, or book a meeting with one of our team members to learn more. From there our team will work to understand how you want to use Prosper, and will work with you to integrate it.

What Incentives Can Be Used in a Referral Campaign?

Prosper let's you customize the incentive placed on a referral, and has the following options to choose from: Cash, Store Credit, Store Discount, Product Discount, Product Credits, and Free Products. If there is another type of incentive you would like to add please get in touch and we will let you know if we can accommodate it.

How Long Does It Take To Integrate Prosper Into a Website?

It takes ~30 mins to add our API to an existing website.

Is Prosper Free To Use?

Prosper has three price tiers, with the starter being free to set up and use. Prosper will still charge a small fee based on the amount of successful referrals, but using the Starter tier Prosper is free until we make you money!

Can Prosper Be Used for In Store Marketing?

We are developing our PoS integration which will allow anyone to start making word-of-mouth promotions from any point of sale, including in physical locations. To stay up to date on new product releases please join our newsletter.

Can I Change the Look of Prosper's Widget?

Yes, anyone with a paid plan can edit the colors, size, shape, and fonts used in the widget.