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Easily create, manage, and deploy highly engaging word-of-mouth solutions to turn your customers into revenue generating brand advocates.   

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How Prosper Helped an Online Retail Brand Generate $30k in Additional Monthly Revenue.

Learn how our clients are able to reach $1.90 CAC and up to 60% conversion rate with their referrals using the Prosper platform.
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10X Lower

Cost Per Acquisition

3X Higher

Consumer Trust

17% Higher

Lifetime Value

Superpowered Sharing & Engagement tools for Shopify

Prosper's Referral Manager gives you and your team all the tools needed to make referrals your next great marketing tool! From easy integration into your online storefront, to the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your campigns, and advanced data-tools that let you track and optimize referrals, our platform.
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Frictionless Sharing

Consumers can share products in seconds without making an account or signing-in.

Seamless Customizability

Make each campaign match your brand with customizable designs, incentives, copy and more.


Reward consumers who share your brand and products with instant discounts and more.

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Frictionless Engagement, Anywhere, Anytime.

Prosper enables frictionless sharing and incentives anywhere on your website, giving you the power to engage customers at the exact right place and time in their shopping journey.
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"Prosper is the only referral solution that I’ve seen drive meaningful results. Prosper drove more revenue in 30 days, than my old tools did in 3 years".

Jonah Traub, director of e-commerce

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