Find Untapped Value in Every Customer.

Prosper allows you to unlock the power to turn every customer into a brand advocate. Create, manage, and track referrals starting now with our word-of-mouth marketing platform.

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Why Use Prosper?

Traditional ad platforms suffer from declining consumer trust and tightening data regulations, further increasing the difference in performance that word-of-mouth marketing can provide.

Prosper provides the most streamlined sharing process, most advanced campaign builder, unlimited customizations, and real world integrations to ensure the most effective word-of-mouth marketing possible.

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Traditional Ad Platforms




Compared to

Other Word-of-Mouth Platforms

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Sharing Widgets Make
Referrals Fast and Easy

Prosper's sharing widget makes it seamless for consumers to share products from any webpage or point of sale without signing up or leaving their current page.

Tailor Campaigns With
Prosper's Dashboard

Build custom word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, edit the look and feel of your widget, set incentives for sharing, and place widgets using our dashboard.

Customize Everything
to Fit Your Brand

We know each business is different, which is why every aspect of our platform is customizable. Change the look and placement of widgets, set up custom incentives, define payout triggers & more.

Integrations of Any
Point of Sale

Add Prosper where ever you sell products with our PoS integrations. Add Prosper's widget to physical PoS systems and retail packaging to enable in store referrals.

A/B Tests Find
What Works Best

We make it easy to test different aspects of our platform with built in A/B testing capabilities, making it easy to optimize placement, incentives, and more.

Templates Help You
Get Going Fast

Fully customizable templates help you get going quickly and find what works best for your business. Start with our prebuilt campaigns and adjust them as needed.