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Referral Marketing

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Super-charge your online store traffic and sales with referral-based marketing campaigns placed in high-traffic areas.


Increase foot traffic, sales, and LTV in your retail store with PoS and QR Code enabled referral campaigns.


Differentiate your marketplace by enabling sellers to offer referrals and incentives to their customers.


Grow your customer base by offering perks and rewards to existing customers who refer friends and family to your business.

the referral marketing platform

Prosper's Referral Manager gives you and your team all the tools needed to make referrals your next great marketing tool! From easy integration into your online storefront, to the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your campaigns, and advanced data-tools that let you track and optimize referrals, our platform lets you do it all.

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We're always putting the needs of your consumer first

Prosper was built to be easy and fast for your customers to use, resulting in less drop-off and more referrals sent for your business. From accountless sharing to in-page referrals and instant rewards, Prosper is designed to be a frictionless referral experience, for both businesses and consumers alike.

Our dynamic widget can go anywhere on your website

Place our referral widget anywhere on your website, from product display pages to post checkout, ensuring that you can incentivize sharing from highly trafficked areas on your website without interrupting the shopping journey.

the customer journey

Find the widget on your website

Shoppers can find deals, perks, and discounts anywhere on your website, from landing pages to post-purchase experiences.

Prosper widget placement

Tell a friend

Shoppers share their favorite products and brands with friends in 20 seconds or less, and never have to sign in or leave their page to refer a friend.

Prosper widget placement

Enjoy the reward

Rewards are created in real-time so that shoppers can use them right away on their next purchase, increasing the chance of an onsite conversion and bringing new traffic to your website.

Prosper widget placement

easy integration and referral management

1. Discover Call

2. Product Walkthrough

3. Enroll

4. Set-Up

5. Customize Platform

6. Integrate to Site

7. Test

8. Implement

referral marketing compared to traditional online marketing

10X Lower

Cost Per Acquisition

3X Higher

Consumer Trust

17% Higher

Lifetime Value

prosper offers...

In-Person & Point of Sale Referrals

Enable in person sharing and rewards on Shopify PoS or via QR codes with Prosper.

Seamless Customizability

Make each campaign match your brand with customizable designs, incentives, copy and more.

Lower Shopper
Drop-off Rates

Convert customers who otherwise would churn with targeted deals and incentives.

Prosper is perfect for YOUR customer

Prosper is here for your business and your customers. Our platform makes it easy to offer the right visitors the right deals that get them to tell their friends about it, all in a fast and frictionless experience that leaves them ready to make a purchase.

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