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Our word-of-mouth marketing platform is a one-stop-shop for brands to create and implement referral marketing campaigns.

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Our Solution

Prosper is a word-of-mouth marketing platform built for B2C retail products.

Seamlessly add a sharing widget to any product, website or email

Add referral campaigns to in-store PoS

Incentivize product and brand sharing with custom rewards

Reward users for sharing your brand and products with friends on social media

Direct ad spend to word-of-mouth marketing

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Unlimited Flexibility
Optimize word-of-mouth campaigns easily

Physical Integrations
Offer referral solutions in-store and online

One Click Referrals
Let customers share your products seamlessly

Social Integrations
Create social media driven Word-of-Mouth campaigns

What Sets Us Apart?

Tired of outdated referral systems that are hard to find and use? So are we, which is why we built Prosper. To make referral marketing simple and effective with a suite of features you won't find anywhere else. Supercharge your sales today!

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Fully Customizable!

Get full control of your word-of-mouth marketing with customizable designs, placements, rewards, triggers, and more! Combined with our pre-built design and campaign templates, and A/B testing capabilities, Prosper makes it easy to start your word-of-mouth marketing now.

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Example of Prosper widget visual customization