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Prosper's Word of Mouth marketing makes creating and managing referral marketing campaigns a breeze, enabling brands to turn existing customers into a powerful marketing channel.
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Referrals as Easy as 1-2-3

Prosper offers the most seamless referral process, with unique technology allowing referrals to be placed anywhere in the customer journey, and shared in 20 seconds or less. Compared to other platforms Prosper sees higher engagement and lower drop-off, meaning more referrals sent and new purchases made.

Create & Manage Your Referral Campaigns Easily

Our Referral Manager makes it easy to create, customize, and optimize referral marketing campaigns. Adjust how your referrals look, where they are placed, what incentives you give out, as well as review campaign data and performance all in one easy to use platform.

Get the Data You Need to Optimize

Advanced data analytics and viewing options ensure you can track and optimize your referral marketing results in real time with pinpoint accuracy. Easily view which campaigns perform the best, monitor changes over time, and set up A/B split testing to optimize campaign performance.
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How can we help you grow?

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Hypercharge your online growth using Prosper's referral marketing platform. Endless customization mixed with our reactive widget means you can attract and engage your customers anywhere in their shopping journey. Attract new high value customers from referrals, and increase on site conversions with immediate rewards that increase customer loyalty.
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Offer unique discounts and rewards to in-store shoppers using PoS or QR code enabled referrals. From restaurants to boutiques referrals not only help bring local foot traffic to your store, but also increase overall order value and help retain existing customers.
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Enable your vendors to sell more by creating referral campaigns for their stores. Prosper enables each seller to customize and manage their own unique referral campaign, allowing them to tailor their incentives and design to the products they sell, leading to a double digit increase in sales for vendors using Prosper.
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Reach high-value, lasting customers by offering your existing patients discounts or cash-back when they refer their friends. From construction to healthcare, Prosper enables highly targeted campaigns accessible in physical locations, online, or in email marketing.

Why do companies prefer to use Prosper?

Targeted Engagement

Reach customers anywhere with our reactive widget, allowing brands to prompt referrals where they are most likely to be used, from the homepage to checkout.

Quick Setup

Quickly create, customize, and manage referral campaigns using our referral management software.

Advanced Analytics

Optimize your referral marketing efforts with advanced campaign analytics and built in A/B testing.

High-Speed Sharing

Enable customers to share products in less than 20 seconds without signing up or creating an account.

Refer Anywhere

Leave no customer behind with PoS and QR code based referrals in physical locations.

Custom Branding

Empower your marketing efforts with the ability to create a customized referral experience that matches your brand and audience.

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