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How B. Draddy Reached $1.90 CAC with Referrals

About the brand

B. Draddy isn’t just another clothing brand. In 2013, Billy Draddy saw beyond the sport of golf, a strong foundation of Brotherhood. Thus, Brother’s Draddy, or B. Draddy was born, a brand that delivers on a guiding principle of the highest quality apparel and versatility for brothers and sisters to wear on and off the course.

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"Prosper is the only referral solution that I’ve seen drive meaningful results. Prosper drove more revenue in 30 days, than my old tools did in 3 years".

-Jonah Traub, Director of Ecommerce @ B. Draddy


Jonah Traub, Director of Ecommerce, was frustrated with referral tools. Many brought low engagement and would often cost more to keep running than they could return in revenue. One solution brought them only three orders in two years. He felt referrals required too many steps and weren’t easy to find.

After seeing positive organic growth from Brian Harmon’s Open Victory - a B. Draddy endorsed Golf Professional - Jonah realized they were missing out on a large opportunity to engage loyal and new customers. However, he needed something that didn’t look like every other referral tool. He needed something simple and visible that customers would actually use.


B. Draddy turned to Prosper and launched their referral strategy because of three compelling abilities:

  • Reward referrers in seconds, decreasing the time to purchase
  • High visibility of their custom referral widget, specifically on the Product Detail Page (PDP)
  • Lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) with innovative usage-based pricing

Jonah proved this out by working with an agency to run an A/B test campaign which measured engagement with referrals on or off their website. After seeing more success with their referral widget on their website, they decided to go live, becoming an early adopter of Prosper.

His team worked with the Prosper team to deploy a pre-purchase campaign, which offered their customers 20% off if they sent a referral, and placed their CTA on their PDP. By offering an immediate 20% reward, B. Draddy ensured that the incentive was compelling enough to see meaningful engagement. Additionally, placing their referral campaign on all products guaranteed high visibility to shoppers, further increasing their referral usage rate.

B. Draddy adopted Prosper’s innovative new pricing model that favors cost for brands. How this works was very simple. Prosper charged a small flat fee to use the platform and charged a small fee per referral sent. The reason this is important, is it eliminates the challenge of over spending for a tool without experiencing the impact of the results.

One Month Results

October 1st - 31st, 2023

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The Future

B. Draddy is one of four brands under the Summit Golf portfolio. Their team is expanding their referral strategy into another brand, Fairway and Greene ahead of the holidays.

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